1. Document Screening
(Regional Qualifying Tournament/Online Qualifying Tournament))

Screening Assignments

Contestants must submit the following two assignments for review.

[Assignment 1] Basic test of making "dashi" Japanese broth

Contestants will be given multiple-choice questions on making "dashi."

[Assignment 2] Photos showing a dish incorporating "dashi" with simple instructions on how to make it

In line with the competition’s theme, "DASHI," please provide photos of 1 Japanese dish using "dashi", and explain your cooking practices including the ingredients and simple steps used in making the dish.
(Approx. 200 words)

Points to Note

  • Please use Japanese ingredients as much as possible, and specify the names of ingredients used.
  • Dishes must not have already received awards in other Japanese cooking contests.
  • Sushi recipes are excluded from this competition.
  • Recipes for sweets, snacks, desserts, and drinks are excluded from this competition.
  • Photos should be clear enough to show the ingredients.
  • Send photos taken at different angles (2-3 photos).
  • Photos and content submitted by applicants may be posted on the official websites and social media accounts of the Washoku World Challenge and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan.

Example Photos

A photo that shows the entire dish from the angle that you want your customer to see your dish

A photo from directly above that shows the balance of the dish and the plate

Criteria for Judging

The screening will be conducted based on photos and comments regarding applicants' dish.
Points considered are as follows:

  • Does the dish strike a good balance between the plate/bowl and cuisine?
  • Is the whole dish vibrant?
  • Is "dashi" made and used correctly?
  • Are the ingredients cut nicely?
  • Are the cooking instructions written in a concise and easy-to-understand manner?
  • Are the ingredients used correctly?
  • Does the dish look appetizing from the photos?

To ensure that the screening process is fair, personal information of applicants is not disclosed to the judges.

2-1: Regional Qualifying Tournaments

Contestants clearing the document screening phase who wish to compete in a Regional Qualifying Tournament are assigned the following on the day of the competition.

Screening Assignments

[Assignment 1] Cooking Technique Test (Basic Knife Skills) 15 minutes

Use one 10-cm daikon radish per person, to complete the following assignments:

  • (1) Katsuramuki (Thinly slice the daikon radish into long strips of 30 cm or more)
  • (2) Ken ( Prepare daikon radish garnish [for five people])
  • (3) Shikishi-giri, cut into thinly square slices
  • (4) Wagiri, cut into round slices
  • (5) Tanzaku-giri, cut into rectangular slices

[Assignment 2] In line with this year's theme "DASHI", contestants prepare a dish (3 portions) using a specified main ingredient. Time required: 100 minutes

Points to Note

The judges prepare the ingredients (daikon radish) for the Basic Knife Skills (1) test. Follow the instructions of the judges when taking the test.

The judges also prepare the main ingredients (2), specified ingredients to be used by all contestants, and seasoning. If you wish to use additional ingredients, you must bring them yourself.
The judges will check ingredients brought by contestants prior to the competition.

Contestants should bring their own white cook coat, apron, hat, knives (usuba, sashimi and deba), plate/ bowl for Assignment 2 (to make 3 portions).

Criteria for Judging

Regarding Basic Knife Skills, contestants will be judged based on knife speed and movements, accurate cutting/shape of the daikon, and presentation (beauty of the cut vegetable, particularly the cut ends).
Original dish will be judged on the following points:

  • Are the specified ingredients used in the specified quantity?
  • Is heating of ingredients correct?
  • Is the way of utilizing knives correct?
  • Is "dashi" made and used correctly?
  • Cleanliness/organizational skills

2.2 Online Qualifying Tournament

Contestants passing the document screening of the Online Qualifying Tournament must submit the following Assignments by the deadline.

Screening Assignments

[Assignment 1] Take a video of yourself cooking a dish submitted at the Document Screening (about 60 minutes long)

[Assignment 2] Submit a description of the dish you made in Assignment 1 (e.g. how you used "dashi", your thoughts about Japanese cuisine, etc.)
*About 200 words

Points to Note

  • Contestants are required to also submit the photos of the completed dishes cooked in the video screening.
  • Please make sure to check the guidelines for shooting videos before recording (available in late October).

Criteria for Judging

Contestants will be screened based on their cooking video, photos of the completed dish, and associated documents.
Specific points are as follows:

  • Maintenance of cooking equipment and utensils
  • Clean appearance
  • Dish is prepared in a sanitary manner
  • Use of knives (selection and handling)
  • Cutting of ingredients
  • Order of preparation
  • Accuracy of cooking procedures
  • Presentation (quantity and balance)
  • Ingredients colors
  • Proper control of heating according to each ingredient
  • Appropriate combinations of ingredients
  • Correctness of making and using dashi
  • In the documents, whether contestant's enthusiasm for Japanese cuisine is well explained.

To ensure fairness, the screening will be conducted without disclosing the contestant's personal information to the judges.

3. Final Tournament

The finalists are required to complete the following assignments.


[Assignment 1] In line with the theme “DASHI”, prepare a “Nimonowan” using specified ingredients (90 min.)

Using the following specified ingredients, finalists will prepare “Nimonowan” for five persons in line with the theme “DASHI.”

[Specified Common Ingredients]
The following ingredients must be used;
- Crab (Stick) 5 sticks (100g)
- Fish paste 200g
- Small turnip 5 (Approx. 100g per turnip)
- Carrot 1/2 (Approx. 200g per carrot)

Use either one of the following two ingredients;
- Shungiku 50g or Mizuna 1/4 bunch
- Yuzu 1 or Kinome (Japanese pepper leaf) 15 leaves

* The bowl used for this assignment is as shown below.
Size: 6.3cm high × 12.8cm diameter

[Assignment 2] In line with the theme “DASHI”, prepare Appetizer (five kinds of assorted dishes) on the designated Hassun plate (220 min.)

The finalists are asked to cook an assortment of five dishes as appetizers for six people to be served on the designated Hassun plate in line with the theme “DASHI” using ingredientspurchased in Japan the day before the finals.

* The finalists will have 100 min. to prepare, and 120 min. to complete the assignment.

* Hassun plate used for Assignment 2 is as shown below:
Size: 23.6×23.6×3.3cm


Bowls and Hassun plates used for Assignments (1) and (2) will be provided by the Executive Committee.

Ingredients used for Assignment (1) will be provided by the Executive Committee.

Ingredients for Assignment (2) will be obtained by each finalist during the on-site study at grocery stores. Any other ingredients purchased by the finalists themselves can be used.

Finalists must bring their own white chef's caot, apron, chef's hat, knife, and mask.

Points Evaluated

Points to be evaluated are as follows:

  • Proper process of making DASHI for Japanese cuisine
  • How to create dishes inspired from the theme “DASHI”
  • Taste
  • Use of basic kitchen utensils
  • Sanitation
  • Time allocation (Efficient cooking procedure)
  • Attitude toward Japanese cuisine
  • Knowledge and skills about cooking
  • Food presentation