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Final Judgment on December 15

Each finalist will give 15 minutes presentations to the judges.
Judges will assess each dish on a range of criteria. This includes a tasting test, Q & A and etc.
(Planned to be aired from 12:00 to 15:00)

Award Ceremony on December 15

The award ceremony of WWC2016 will be held from 16:30.
Gold, silver and bronze award recipients will be selected as a result of fair judgment.
(Planned to be aired from 16:30 to 17:03)

The final competition will be coming in a week!
Live on YouTube!

1The final competition of “Washoku World Challenge 2016” will be live on YouTube from 12:00pm on December 15th (Japan time).

Please go to:

Schedule of the day

December 15, 2016(Japan time)

  • Final Presentation
  • 12:00 - 12:15 No.1
    12:15 - 12:30 No.2
    12:30 - 12:45 No.3
    12:45 - 13:00 No.4
    13:00 - 13:15 No.5
    13:15 - 13:45
    13:45 - 14:00 No.6
    14:00 - 14:15 No.7
    14:15 - 14:30 No.8
    14:30 – 14:45 No.9
    14:45 – 15:00 No.10
  • SongkranComnew
    Meegama Gurunnaselage Don Malith Wejikoon
    Bryan S Emperor
    Josh DeChellis
    Joe Kimura
    from Cooking Studio
    Tsai Ming Gu
    Neo Guo Qing
    Pircu Ionut
    Cheong Cherng Long
    Shaun Presland
  • Awards Ceremony
  • 16:30 - 17:00
  • King Salmon Ishiyaki with Winter Vegetables and Miso Butter

    Bryan S. Emperor

    Nationality:U.S.A. / Work location:U.S.A.

    Restaurant:Five Gold Inc.

  • Akamutsu no kenchin yaki

    Cheong Cherng Long

    Nationality:Malaysia / Work location:Malaysia


  • Saba no misoni with apple, ginger,
    and winter vegetable.

    Joe Kimura

    Nationality:Scotland / Work location:Denmark

    Restaurant:Oiran Madhus

  • Boiled Diakon with Winter Yellowtail

    Josh DeChellis

    Nationality:U.S.A. / Work location:U.S.A.

    Restaurant:Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria

  • Break me and eat! Kimpira in potato

    Meegama Gurunnaselage Don Malith Wejikoon

    Nationality:Sri Lanka / Work location:Sri Lanka


  • Kan Buri Tataki To Fuyu Irizake

    Neo Guo Qing

    Nationality:Singapore / Work location:Singapore

    Restaurant:Fat Cow Restaurant

  • Sake Saikioyaki with Nasu Dengaku,Enoki mushrooms and Apple & mustard Vinaigrette

    Pircu Ionut

    Nationality:Romania / Work location:Romania


  • Kinpira Chicken with Balsamic Teriyaki

    Shaun Presland

    Nationality:Australia / Work location:Australia


  • "Lotus root chrysanthemum flower bun" (in thick seaweed sauce)

    Songkran Comnew

    Nationality:Thailand / Work location:Thailand


  • Japanese mini-eggplant and turban shell
    in spicy yuzu kosho cream

    Tsai Ming Gu

    Nationality:Taiwan / Work location:China

    Restaurant:Senwa cuisine


The results of the initial screening of Washoku World Challenge 2016 are in. A panel of Japanese cuisine experts judged the entries their "Japanese-ness," perfection, originality, and attitude towards washoku. 23 chefs (covering 18 countries and regions) have been selected to progress to the next stage.

    • Name
    • Nationality
    • Restaurant
    • Name of Dish
    • Bryan S. Emperor
    • USA
    • Five Gold Inc.
    • King Salmon Ishiyaki with Winter Vegetables and Miso Butter
    • Cheong Cherng Long
    • Malaysia
    • Akamutsu no kenchin yaki
    • Daniel Wong Kai Mun
    • Malaysia
    • ENJU Japanese Restaurant
    • Buri Cabbage Roll
    • Denny Boy Guanwan
    • Indonesia
    • cantigi wine and dine
    • Kairiku / Land and Sea( butter miso prawns tataki, coffee rub kobe beef, compressed pickled kyuri, sesame infused beef juz, japanese winter stew vegetable)
    • Gianfranco Chiarini
    • Italy
    • Scuola Alberghiera di Ferrara IPSAR
    • Lobster Lime Carpaccio - Red Beets Ginger Emulsion - Basil Sake Sorbet
    • Joe Kimura
    • Scotland
    • Oiran Madhus
    • Saba no misoni with apple, ginger, and winter vegetable.
    • Josh DeChellis
    • USA
    • Il Buco Alimentari
    • Boiled Diakon with Winter Yellowtail
    • Jouni Toivanen
    • Finland
    • Soil
    • Halibut in Tokyo
    • Ko Jee Eun
    • South Korea
    • MEMORY(steamed layered Chinese cabbage and pork)
    • Meegama Gurunnaselage Don Malith Wejikoon
    • Sri Lanka
    • Break me and eat! Kimpira in potato
    • Neo Guo Qing
    • Singapore
    • Fat Cow Restaurant
    • Kan Buri Tataki To Fuyu Irizake
    • Pircu Ionut
    • Romania
    • Tokyo Japanese Restaurant
    • Sake Saikioyaki with Nasu Dengaku,Enoki mushrooms and Apple & mustard Vinaigrette
    • Rajesh Kumar Thakur
    • India
    • fuji Japanese restaurant
    • tachiuo to daikon no nimono kani yasai ankake indo no kaori
    • Robrecht Wolters
    • Belgium
    • KO'UZI sushi & fine foods
    • Wintervegetables in differerent structures,diepfrieds quaileggs, amazake-pumpkinsauce
    • Roxanne Spruance
    • USA
    • Kingsley
    • Chawanmushi. Escargot (Bai). Daikon. Ki-ichigo. Shiso.
    • Shaun Presland
    • Australia
    • Kisume
    • Kinpira Chicken with Balsamic Teriyaki
    • Songkran Comnew
    • Thailand
    • Nanohana
    • "Lotus root chrysanthemum flower bun" (in thick seaweed sauce)
    • Telma Shiraishi
    • Brazil
    • Aizome Restaurant
    • Thomas Blackshaw
    • British
    • Oliver Maki
    • Lightly Smoked Salmon with Udo, Winter Tsukemono and Vanilla Soy
    • Tim Cushman
    • USA
    • O ya
    • Yuzu & Tea Brined Boneless Chicken Wing Karaage, Stuffed with Hakusai, Shiitake Mushrooms, Ground Chicken, Served Over Homemade Kimchi, Daikon Radish, Ginger, Garlic and more Hakusai, Garnished with Negi and Toasted Sesame Seeds
    • Toar Christopher A Palit
    • Indonesia
    • 3 Wise Monkeys
    • Salmon Kabocha Lime Miso
    • Tsai Ming Gu
    • Taiwan
    • Chen Cuisine
    • Japanese mini-eggplant and turban shell in spicy yuzu kosho cream
    • Zsolt Kurko
    • Hungary
    • Sushi Sei Restaurant
    • Sea bass with simmered vegetables and miso marinated grilled goose liver

About the Washoku World Challenge

The Washoku World Challenge (WWC) is a contest for Japanese cooking hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan.
This year, contestants will compete on "Ichiju-issai", the basic style in Japanese cooking, of a bowl of rice, a bowl of soup, and one dish.
The final competition will be held in Tokyo. The ten finalists who pass the recipe screening will receive return flight tickets to Japan in advance. They will also receive hotel stays for three nights in Tokyo. In the final competition, the top three contestants will be rewarded for their efforts with trophies from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. In addition, all finalists will have the opportunity to participate in various training courses to learn about "the Finest in Japan" before and after the competition. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity. We are looking forward to your participation!

Last year’s finalists were outstanding and I hope for the same this year!

Kihachi Kumagai, Head of the Judging Committee , Washoku World Challenge

Chief Advisor to SAZABY LEAGUE, Ltd., IVY COMPANY . Held key posts such as Chief Technical Advisor , All Japan Chefs Association. Also recipient of the Award for Contemporary Master Craftsman by the Ministry of Health.

Last year, I was moved by the splendid posture and skillful handling of the knives by all of the finalists while they were cooking. For the "Sake-steamed tilefish with egg yolk sauce and the aroma of Yuzu" by the Gold Prize winner, essential critical element was how much salt is sprinkled on the Tilefish beforehand, but it was exceptionally executed. Dishes prepared by the other finalists were also extremely close to the Gold Prize winner. This year again, I look forward to seeing people who are spreading Washoku around the world step up to the challenge.

The Benefits of Taking Part in Washoku World Challenge

A Once-a-Year Opportunity That Opens up New Paths for You!

Yukio Hattori, The Judge in Washoku World Challenge

President of Hattori Nutrition College. Currently holding senior roles such as Chairman of the Japan Association of Training Colleges for Cooks; "Special Goodwill Ambassador to Spread Japanese Food Culture" Ministry of Agriculture,

The WWC is a once-a-year chance to come to Japan, see, cook and taste Japanese cooking, and open up new paths of opportunity. I encourage you to submit your delicious a la carte recipe, win the screening, and come to Japan. I will also be judging your cooking in the final competition. In the courses, I will be teaching the essence of Japanese cooking. I am looking forward to meeting you in December.

Voice of past winners

Remarkable Performance at a Japanese
Cooking Event in Mexico Wins an Award
from the Japanese Ambassador to Mexico

What surprised me at the WWC is how, including myself, people from so many different countries around the world are cooking Japanese food. After winning the competition, I had more media coverage locally, making me famous. I was named the event cook for a Japanese cooking event held in Mexico; in recognition of my contribution at this event, I received an award from the Japanese Ambassador to Mexico. Representing Mexico, I want to continue working to promote the traditions of Japanese cooking.
Winner, the Third WWC
Gonzalo Santiago Bautista
Mexico/Head Chef at Restaurant Suntory Lomas

Being on Japanese Television and
Expanding My Network in Japanese Cooking
and Learning Everyday

Seeing people from many different countries working hard in Japanese cooking at the WWC made me want to learn even more to further promote the greatness of Japanese food culture in Bangkok. After winning the competition, I have been on Japanese television, and have had more media coverage in Thailand, which has expanded my network in the world of Japanese cooking. This network brings with it great experience with a lot of interesting conversations.

Winner, Second WWC
Jaran Deephuak
Thailand/Head Chef at Nanohana

Japanese Food Culture is Now
Attracting Attention Globally

I am delighted that the fourth WWC is to be held this year. Japanese food culture is the focus of attention around the world, as well as with the increase in the number of Japanese restaurants globally. We hope that through WWC understanding of Japanese cooking will be deepened and that its appeal will be communicated around the world. We also hope that all contestants will fully demonstrate their skills in Washoku. We are awaiting your challenge.

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Director of Food Service Industry Office

Ichiro Takahashi

> Click here for details from the 3rd WWC (Last Competition)
> Click here for details from the 2nd WWC (Competition Before Last)

How to Apply

Dish Entry Guidelines

・Dishes must not have received an award in other cooking contests, and must either be an original created by the applicant or by the restaurant managed by the applicant (or where the applicant is employed).

・Dishes must be one a la carte dish. An applicant can submit up to three dishes.

・Recipes entered must be able to be correctly replicated by a third party, including ingredients, ingredient volumes, the process of making the dish, and the presentation.

・Sweets, desserts, and drinks cannot be entered in the competition.

Applicant Eligibility

Cooks or cooking school students of non-Japanese nationality
(regardless of current address, be it in Japan or overseas)

How to

1) First, download the application document.

2) After filling in the application document with the necessary information, attach a photograph of the dish, and compress both files into one ZIP file.

3) Click the button "To Apply" at the bottom of this screen, and complete the application form that appears with the necessary information.

4) Upload the application document compressed in 2) to the application form.

5) When the upload is complete, the application is complete.

Publication of Dishes Entered

Dishes entered may be published on the website or pamphlets of this competition.

Application Deadline

First deadline: applications received on or before July 20th (five points for early submission towards a total score of 35 points)
Second deadline: applications received on or before August 10th (three points for early submission towards a total score of 35 points)
Final deadline: applications must be received no later than August 31st

Judging Process

Initial Screening

Washoku specialists will evaluate the content of the application forms based on the Japanese character of the dish, the level of perfection in cooking, originality, and the way of thinking towards Japanese cooking (total 30 points). To recognize the technical element of being able to quickly materialize an idea, submission by July 20th gains five additional points; submission by August 10th gains three additional points. (Total score 35 points). An announcement on the results of the initial screening (twenty dishes) is planned to take place in the middle of September.

Second Screening

Recipes passing the initial screening will be asked to newly submit a more detailed recipe. Based on this detailed recipe, the dish will be recreated in Japan, and upon tasting evaluation, ten finalist dishes will be chosen.

Final Competition

The final competition will take place on December 15th, 2016 in Tokyo. Travelling and accommodation expenses for the participants of the final competition will be borne by the Washoku World Challenge Executive Committee. At the final competition, contestants will be asked to cook the recipe they submitted as well as a task recipe common to all contestants; the judges will evaluate the results based on cooking technique and the degree of perfection of the dishes.