December 21, 2020.
Result of video selection.
6 Finalists have been selected!

Meeting of video screening

This year's Washoku World Challenge was held online and
passionate participants have gathered from around the world.
In the video screening meeting, five judges reviewed the cooking and
presentation videos of the 13 participants
who had passed the document screening.


• Head Judge
Mr. Yoshihiro MURATA
Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador
Owner & Chef of Kikunoi
Chairman of Japanese Culinary Academy

• Deputy Head Judge
Mr. Masahiro NAKATA
Director of Taiwa Gakuen Education Inc.
President of Kyoto Culinary Art College

• Judge
Mr. Masahiro KASAHARA
Owner chef of Sanpiryoron

• Judge
Ms. Fumiko KONO
Culinary consultant

• Judge
Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador
Executive Chef of Kinsa ryu Yanagihara Cooking School of Traditional Japanese Cuisine

Comments and feedback from the Judges

Announcement of 6 finalists

As a result of careful and extensive screening, six finalists have been selected.