Wasyoku World Challenge -The 3rd Competition-

Chefs from around the world will compete to demonstrate their culinary skills and understanding of Japanese cuisine Announcing the Third Washoku World Challenge!

  • Japanese cuisine category
  • Sushi category

Promote Japanese cuisine to the world

There are about 89,000 Japanese restaurants outside of Japan — 160% more than 2 years ago!

Cooks—and lots of gourmets—from around the world are extremely keen on Washoku.

Known for the fact that it emphasizes the flavors of the ingredients themselves, features the uniquely Japanese umami ambiance, and is beautifully presented, Japanese food is healthy, artistic, and above all delectable.

This is the contest involving Cooks of Washoku from around the world who convey the greatness of Washoku to local people around the globe.

Perpetuators of Japanese food everywhere: show us your talents!


The Washoku World Challenge is a Japanese cooking contest
that rewards talented non-Japanese chefs for expertly preparing Japanese cuisine.

  • 2015 Early October Application deadline
  • 2015 Mid-October First stage
  • 2015 Late October Second stage
  • 2015 November 23rd Finals
  • 2015 November 24th Award ceremony

Previous winners

At the last competition, the Gold Prize was awarded to Jaran Deephuak,
head chef at Nanohana Japanese restaurant in Thailand. Two other chefs received Bronze Prizes.

  • Gold Tilefish steamed with satoimo eddoes and soba

    Jaran Deephuak

    Male Thailand
    Head chef at Nanohana

  • Bronze Seafood with tomato and turnip in savory broth

    Cho Seo Young

    Female South Korea
    Tsuji Culinary Institute

  • Bronze "Mt. Fuji in Early Spring" : Turnip stuffed with crab dumpling

    Gonzalo Santiago Bautista

    Male Mexico
    Head chef at Suntory Del Valle

Application Guidelines

Eligibility Chefs of non-Japanese nationality, regardless of current address.
(Applications from students will not be accepted.)
Dish Entry Guidelines

・Dishes must either be an original created by the applicant or by the restaurant managed by the applicant (or where the applicant is employed). Restaurant employees wishing to enter the competition must obtain the permission of the owner or restaurant manager.

・Applicants must apply with one à la carte dish (or one dish that is part of a course), and may make up to three entries.

・Applicants may not enter a dish for this contest that has already won a prize in another contest.

・Recipes entered in this competition must be replicable by a third party, so must include a list of ingredients and instructions as to how much of each ingredient to use, the process of how to make the dish, and presentation.

・Sweets, desserts, and drinks cannot be entered in the competition.

How to Apply Download the entry sheet, fill in the necessary information fields, and send in the completed application form along with a photograph of the dish. Please provide your written information in Japanese, English, or Chinese.
Personal Information Personal information noted in the application form is managed and controlled by the Third Washoku World Challenge Secretariat. This information is used only to the extent necessary to run the competition, including: announcement of judging results, inquiries made to applicants, contacting winning contestants, etc.
Publicizing of Dish Entries Dishes entered by applicants will be shown on the competition’s website, in competition pamphlets, etc. In addition, the Third Washoku World Challenge Secretariat reserves the right to use images of dish entries submitted by applicants in footage and publications featuring contest entries. Please note this when you apply.
Application Deadline Acceptance of the application was finished

・Initial screening
The applications will be reviewed to determine which entrants demonstrate achievements as a Washoku chef and present originality in their dishes and a solid knowledge of Japanese food preparation. Each entry will then be judged on its level of “Japaneseness”, degree of the perfection, and originality. The outstanding entries will be replicated according to the recipe included in the application and taste-tested before the finalists are selected. The list of finalists will be announced in mid-October.

The actual competition between the finalists will be held in Tokyo on November 23, 2015. The Third Washoku World Challenge Secretariat pays travel and accommodation expenses for the finalists. Contestants will be asked to make the dish that they described in their application, plus another assigned dish (to be announced at a later date) to evaluate their basic Washoku skills. Judges will evaluate the contestants based on their culinary skills and the degree of perfection of their dishes.

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Inquiries Send any questions you may have to the following dedicated email address: