October 22nd, 2020.
Result of Paper Screening Stage!

Screening meeting

The theme of this year's World Challenge “My Japanese Cuisine”
has been held as an online competition
which brought total 199 passionate participants from 41 countries and regions.
In the document screening, the participants were comprehensively judged on their knowledge and skills level, their passion and attitude towards Japanese cuisine.


• Deputy Head Judge
Mr. Masahiro NAKATA
Director of Taiwa Gakuen Education Inc.
President of Kyoto Culinary Art College

• Judge
CEO of the Kinobu restaurant in Kyoto and Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador

• Judge
Mr. Hideaki MATSUO
Owner and Chef of Japanese Cuisine Kashiwaya in Osaka and Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador.

During the screening process.

Comments and feedback from the Judges.

Document screening results.

It is our honor to announce that we have received
many “My Japanese Cuisine” from all over the world.
We are pleased to announce that after judging,
the following 15 participants have been selected.